Frank Shiery
    Pa. Chen Taijiquan Association
       Frank Shiery is Chief Instructor for the Pa. Chen Taijiquan Association.  He has trained extensively in The Chen family system of Taijiquan
for the last 19 years. He travels often to the P.R. of China to expand his knowledge. Frank is an indoor student of Grandmaster Chen Li-Qing who resides in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, PRC. He was accepted as her student in a formal ceremony in 1993.

       Frank is also under the close tuteledge of Master Fan Chun-Lei, of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. He has studied with other famous Chen masters in the US and China. Chen Chuan-Sheng,Chen Yong-Fu, Chen Zheng-Lei and others.

Frank teaches Chen style Taijiquan (Tai Chi) from beginner level to advanced. He has been awarded Instructor certification up to and including the Advanced division by the American Chen Style Tai Chi Association. This Associations Senior Council  Members are direct from Chen Village in China, the home of Taijiquan. He believes in teaching the most traditional material possible to keep the pure flavor of what Taijiquan really is. He has been teaching for 16 years and teaches full time.

Classes focus on the health aspect, but also on the martial arts and self-defense side of Taijiquan, providing the student desires this training. Frank believes that each individual student has their own specific need and desire of what they wish to acquire from their Taijiquan practice, whether it be health or self-defense. Classes focus on this need individually. Additional focus is on relaxation and proper body alignment.

  Frank teaches a variety of Bare hand forms and weapons. All are traditional and taught in-depth to have a clear understanding of the material. The Curriculum included the forms themselves, Push hands training, Silk-reeling and Qigong. Most of the class time is spent learning a set of postures that are linked together like a chain. Importance of correct body alignment, body structure, coordination and breathing is explained in detail.

Classes are on going and 1+ hour per week in 12 week sessions. You may begin at anytime and is not necessary to wait for a new session to begin.

  Pa.C.T.A. teaches the Big Frame and Small Frame methods of Chen style Taijiquan.  This is the only school in North America that incorporates this into our program.

  Pa.C.T.A. is a branch school of the Cui Hua Martial arts Intstitue of Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, P.R. of China

                 Private Classes available
Curtis Arboretum Park
Rt. 73 Glenside, Pa.
Postponed till Spring
Beginners Chen 18
Push-hands/Silk Reeling/Qigong
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Village of Pennbrook
                    Community Center
9071 Millcreek Rd, Levittown
  6:30-8pm - Traditional  Chen Small Frame
  8-9pm - Taiji  Weapons
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Curtis Arboretum Park
Weather Providing
Rt. 73 Glenside, Pa.
9-11am Group Practice Session
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Pa. Chen Taijiquan Association